Brands and Products

Leroy Merlin offers products that best correspond to the needs of residents and homeowners by offering supplier brands or brands that the company itself helps develop.

Leroy Merlin offers products in four main departments:

  • Do-it-yourself,
  • Building,
  • Decoration,
  • Gardening.

To satisfy the wide variety of customer needs, Leroy Merlin tailors its product offer to the local environment, proposing different price ranges and:

Relatively universal products for which there are often store brands available:

  • Products used around the world, whatever the local standards may be
  • Products with universal potential and local specificities: based on the country’s climate, safety standards, etc.

Products that are more specific, where the store brands have had to adapt:

  • Products with differing standards
  • Products meeting different needs or cultural preferences, tailored to various electrical norms, for example, or paints in different colour ranges, depending on the country.

Various other brands to meet homeowners and residents’ very specific needs:

  • Products that differ on a regional scale so as to be in line with housing styles or local standards, such as slate roofs in France,
  • Products which will be heavily purchased in a very specific way and in relation to the store’s specific location, such as near the shore or in the centre of a major city.

Leroy Merlin takes great care to offer customers the best choice of products and solutions at the best price. Products are chosen in accordance with local needs, bearing in mind cultural or regulatory specificities in the store’s country.

The Leroy Merlin offer includes the following:

  • Easily-recognised, famous-name products:
  • Store brand products: Along with the other ADEO banners, Leroy Merlin has contributed to designing and developing 15 store brands so as to offer the best quality/price ratio to its customers. These brands are created with each market’s needs in mind, wherever Leroy Merlin is present;
  • Lesser-known products that meet the specific needs of local residents.

From the world’s largest international suppliers to the smallest local suppliers, Leroy Merlin’s marketing and distribution policy involves a vast spectrum of manufacturers.