What makes LEROY MERLIN so original is the autonomy given the companies, the integration of contributions made by each country, and employee involvement. Taken together, these factors give the banner life and energy, helping it grow and improve.

Business structure

When LEROY MERLIN opens in a new country, it creates a company having its own autonomous management and recruitment. The objective is to completely adapt to local conditions while capitalising on the experience gained in other countries.

LEROY MERLIN employees share common values and everything they do contributes to the overall dynamics of ADEO. In return, each company enriches the overall “LEROY MERLIN” identity with its local experience. Group discussion sessions, called “synergies,” allow employees having the same occupation to speak regularly about their practices and experiences.

These synergies exemplify the sharing of experience encouraged by LEROY MERLIN, and dovetail with the company’s values of consistency, spirit of performance and closeness.

LEROY MERLIN dans le monde
LEROY MERLIN around the world

LEROY MERLIN helps people all around the world improve their living environment and lifestyle.

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ADEO comprises a major network encompassing all aspects of home and lifestyle improvement, sustainable homes, tools and DIY.


A global federation of people-sized companies, it is the leading DIY retailer in France and the third largest in the world.