1923 - The Beginning

Entrepreneurs Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin opened an American military surplus store shortly after World War I.

1933 – The Trade

After experiencing substantial success, the husband-and-wife team begins to offer kit homes in their store, as well as other building material.

1947 – The Expansion

The “Stock Américain” business continued to grow, opening additional warehouses in northern France.

1960 - The Brand

The “Stock Américain” banner changed its name to…LEROY MERLIN, of course.

1968 - The Innovation

LEROY MERLIN created the first self-service DIY-hardware store in France, in Noeux-les-Mines.

1973 – The Products

True to its new slogan Tout pour la maison ("Everything for the home"), the banner increased the number of product references and sales outlets.

1980 – Gaining Speed

Now with 33 stores, the banner was bought out by the Mulliez family, pioneers in mass marketing.

1989 - Hola

LEROY MERLIN became an international name when it opened its first store in Spain, in Leganés, south of Madrid.

1996 - Europe

Poland and Italy were added to the banner’s territory with new locations in Piaseczno, south of Warsaw, in June, and in Solbiate Arno, near Varese, in October.

1998 – The World

The first Brazilian store opened its doors in Interlagos, near São Paulo.

 2003 - Bem-vindo

Portugal became the fourth European country to welcome LEROY MERLIN when the first store opened in Gondomar, near Porto.

2004 - The Odyssey

LEROY MERLIN Greece got underway while Russia and China also joined the adventure with a store north of Moscow in August and another in Beijing in November.

 2007 to Today… The Expansion

Greece opened its first store near the Athens airport. ADEO became the name of the entity bringing LEROY MERLIN together with seven other DIY and home décor banners, each also having their own management.

2010 Ukraine
LEROY MERLIN's first store in this country opened in Kiev in November.
2011 Cyprus & Romania
LEROY MERLIN now has stores in Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus and Bucarest, Romania.