LEROY MERLIN’s success is based first and foremost on the belief that satisfied customers are those who receive the answers they need to make their home-improvement project a reality.


With 30,000 to 60,000 products available in each LEROY MERLIN store, it is important to guide the customer to the right choice.

LEROY MERLIN’s professional expertise is founded on three key elements :

  • Customer advice
    Though the LEROY MERLIN store model is self-service retail, it is important to assist the customer in every aspect of his or her project, during and after the purchase. In the store, LEROY MERLIN employees are more than just salespeople, they are, above all, sales advisers who offer each customer proper advice: advice on which solution to choose, how to use or install a product, etc. This guidance takes place both before and after the purchase: a website filled with ideas, do-it-yourself tips, installation service, and more.
  • Skills development
    All employees begin their work at LEROY MERLIN with an in-store training course lasting several weeks, so as to better know the business and the customers. Training is an important component for each LEROY MERLIN company and constitutes a significant investment. The LEROY MERLIN sales advisers also regularly complete other training with real-life scenarios, because the best way to give helpful advice on how to install tiling, for example, is to have done it oneself!
  • Supplier partnerships
    LEROY MERLIN product managers work with suppliers to improve products. In addition to performing quality controls, LEROY MERLIN takes into account customer feedback about both the products the store offers and about customers’ home environments.
LEROY MERLIN dans le monde
LEROY MERLIN around the world

LEROY MERLIN helps people all around the world improve their living environment and lifestyle.


A global federation of people-sized companies, it is the leading DIY retailer in France and the third largest in the world.