LEROY MERLIN chose to expand abroad, with the ambition of positioning itself as a recognised leader in its business sector in every country in which the banner operates.

LEROY MERLIN around the world

LEROY MERLIN is the fourth-largest actor in the world in the do-it-yourself industry, the second-largest in Europe and the largest in France. For LEROY MERLIN, effectively integrating into the local fabric means…

  • On-site recruitment,
  • Collaboration with local partners, creating central buying offices specific to each country,
  • Product selection and accompanying advice tailored to the local inhabitants, homes, and buying practices of each country, each region, and even each town having a LEROY MERLIN store.

Beyond this local adaptation, we intend to have all countries in which we operate benefit from the discoveries and learning experiences gleaned in our locations in other countries.
This could mean that Russian customers discover Spanish products, or the people of Brazil gain decorating ideas from France. These exchanges and this diversity create value for all residents and homeowners around the world.

LEROY MERLIN dans le monde
LEROY MERLIN around the world

LEROY MERLIN helps people all around the world improve their living environment and lifestyle.

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