LEROY MERLIN  has implemented a quality-control approach on its entire in-store offer which defines its commitments to respecting quality standards. These commitments are included in the specifications that are given to suppliers.

Quality and Innovation

Audits are carried out periodically on key suppliers and systematically on those who furnish the LEROY MERLIN store brands. An environmental dimension was added to these audits in 2010.

Each LEROY MERLIN employee is made aware of the company’s quality standards:

  • Product managers, in the choice of products when product ranges are being developed and
  • Sales teams, during training, to guide the customer to the product best-suited to his or her needs and to pass information on to management about products needing improvement.

Innovation: turning good ideas into products

LEROY MERLIN is committed to constantly improving its products. Whenever a customer has a need that cannot be met with what is available on the market, the banner sets out to provide a solution, developed with the store’s supplier partners. This solution takes the form of new products, a collection of existing products that complement one another to fulfil the need, or coordinating product ranges.

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LEROY MERLIN around the world

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